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My deviations are for my watchers, visitors, and amazing followers (Not Exactly Watchers)


F2U Cat Base (MS Paint Friendly) by Raider924 F2U Cat Base (MS Paint Friendly) :iconraider924:Raider924 19 1 Ravenpaw by vinxer22 Ravenpaw :iconvinxer22:vinxer22 4 0 Rosi by vinxer22 Rosi :iconvinxer22:vinxer22 1 0 Rosi by vinxer22 Rosi :iconvinxer22:vinxer22 1 0 flowers by vinxer22 flowers :iconvinxer22:vinxer22 2 1 raider924 by vinxer22 raider924 :iconvinxer22:vinxer22 6 2
I'm no longer interested in art?? Whatever I draw, I think it's bad, all my friends, if they see it, laugh or just look away. It hurts you know. How I work my butt off making this stupid art to please the people who don't even see it. But when I wrote stories, it felt better, the art was created in my head, where it actually looked good. When I felt happy. You might not get it and think I''m being selfish, but throughout the years on dA, I've only gotten 1 or 2 posts/journals with more than 50 comments and over 50 favs. Guess what they were? Adoptables and raffles. It's sickening how most of my watchers only watched me for my giveaways. And when they don't win, they unwatch. And if you haven't noticed. On this new account, I have a few watchers okay? It's a HUGE difference from this account and my old one. I posted a journal saying I moved to Raider924, everyone says "Please let us know if you do move accounts!" So I did. Only 2 of those people noticed I moved, and
:iconraider924:Raider924 2 7
Upcoming Mystery Stories
These will be short stories, so.. anyways:
1. Bella's Misfortune (her whole life was a mystery)
2. Goldenbreeze's Reason to Fight (why he fought Applebreeze)
3. Aaliyah's Missing Friend (where her best friend had went)
4. Sagekit's Pain (what Applebreeze's poor child went through)
That's all for this theme. I'm going to use some lineart to make Sagekit, Spiderkit and Dawnkit's designs. Also I might do Goldenbreeze's c:
I hope you like these stories, they'll happen in order. I know no one would do it, but fanart of the story would mean the world to me<3
:iconraider924:Raider924 1 1
Bella's Misfortune
Bella was really young when she learned to use her magic. She had learned how to teleport and lift things at less than 1 year old. Her parents didn't like the idea of her being able to do this at such a young age, but they were proud at the same time.
"Mommy, Papa!" Bella called into her parents' room, when she didn't receive an answer, her horn lit up and slowly she pushed her way through the door. She didn't see anyone, so she walked in further, "Mommy, Papa?" She began to whisper. A huge bang sounded behind her and she chased the noise which led to the kitchen.
Shuffling inside the room she noticed two figures stood there, she whispered again, "Mommy, Papa, is that you?" She focused on lighting her horn, once the room was drenched in starlight, she prodded the figure in the side. It's face turned down and attempted to grasp Bella's neck, but she teleported outside. Shivering in the frosty air, she took a deep breath and let it out. She turned and started trudging up the hill in
:iconraider924:Raider924 1 0
I might quit
Honestly I moved accounts with over 300 watchers, and currently on this account, I have 21 inactive watchers. All my old friends are starting to ignore me and drift away.. I worked for days on that story and got 3 views. Probably me just checking for mistakes. No one is gonna see this anyways soo I can basically type whatever here and no one will care because this journal will just be tossed to the side
No more stories, no more art, no more raffles/giveaways. I'm turning this into an adopt account and getting points for the Drawing-Club02 and buying adoptables for others.
I am not selling/trading my OCs, I am keeping them. I will possibly return to dA in a few years as an artist again, but for now I'll keep my disgusting art away from you guys.
This account will feature point adopts, money adopts, free adopts, offer adopts, song adopts, etc. And I will always be on to make new adoptables for new watchers if I get any. Not my old ones because it simply isn't working.
If the ado
:iconraider924:Raider924 1 10
Icon Requests (46/50 Open)
Idk I am extremely bored and I felt like making some.
1. Must be watching me
2. Make a journal and link back
3. Up to 2 icons
4. Can be dog/cat/pony/human
5. Blinking or Bouncing or both c: (I can add a smile or open mouth too
6. Favourite this journal
7. I need a ref duhh
8. To show you read all this, add your fav emotion!
1. Daisy-Doggy-MC 
2. TheJekyllBrony
3. TsukiStrawberry
4. DisneyCrazyFan16
:iconraider924:Raider924 7 12
Bella by Raider924 Bella :iconraider924:Raider924 3 5 Applejack Icon (F2U) by Raider924 Applejack Icon (F2U) :iconraider924:Raider924 3 0 Twilight Sparkle Icon (F2U) by Raider924 Twilight Sparkle Icon (F2U) :iconraider924:Raider924 3 3 Hazel (Commission) by Raider924 Hazel (Commission) :iconraider924:Raider924 2 2 Aaliyah Icon (My Use Only) by Raider924 Aaliyah Icon (My Use Only) :iconraider924:Raider924 1 1


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Points are appreciated? I will probably get nothing but, it's worth it for friendly deviants.


Thanks lovelys for the points, my new goal is 100.


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Allison Kiro
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
The Bahamas
I have taken art class for 9 years, and recently I've stopped. My name is Allison, and I live in the Bahamas. I do not accept requests or trades at the moment because I am extremely busy with my life, I might take them again later. I use my phone half the time so sorry if I don't reply.

I love the television show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I used to read Warriors, but I have stopped due to no interest, I'll still keep my OCs and draw the cats, I just no longer read it. I love cats and writing! :meow: I love Miku!!! She is so cute! I'm 15 years old and I hope you got to know me. Thanks for the huggles, love your sincere deviant, Lily-Purple-Rocks.

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